Other Immigration Services

Other types of Immigration Visas

  • Renewal of Permanent Residency
  • Canadian Citizenship Application
  • Inadmissibility/Application for criminal rehabilitation
  • Assistance in Educational Credential Program Assessment (ECA)
  • Application for Authorization to Return to Canada
  • Request for Computer Assisted Immigration Processing System (CAIPS Note)
  • Comprehensive Immigration Evaluation
  • Settlement Services (Assistance in Social Insurance Number, Health Card, Drivers Licence, Board and Lodging)
  • Application for Search of Immigration Records

Renewal of Permanent Residency

Q) Do I have to renew my permanent resident status card?

A) Yes, cards expire after 5 years and should be renewed 6 months before they expire.

Q) How do I renew my permanent residency?

A) You must go through the same procedure as when you first applied by filling out the application form and sending it to the Canadian Government along with two valid photos, supporting documents and a $50 fee.

Canadian Citizenship Application

Q) How do I become a Canadian Citizen?

A) To apply for citizenship you must first have a good standing permanent residency in Canada and have been within the country for at least 6 years. You must also have been physically present within Canada for a certain period of time.

Q) Are there any other requirements for becoming a Canadian citizen?

A) Yes, you must also meet requirements in the following areas: age, income tax filing, intent to reside within Canada, language abilities, how well you know Canada and certain prohibitions. Find the full list here.

Inadmissibility/Application for Criminal Rehabilitation

Q) Why might I be deemed “inadmissible” and denied entry to Canada?

A) There are many reasons why someone might be denied entry into Canada, mainly if you are a security risk, you have a criminal record, you are in poor health or have a poor financial standing. For a full list look here.

Q) Is it possible to come to Canada if I’ve committed a crime in the past?

A) If you have a criminal record/have committed a crime you may apply for criminal rehabilitation if at least 5 years have passed since you completed your criminal sentence. You may apply here.

Q) What does criminal rehabilitation mean?

A) It means that you have been deemed unlikely to commit another crime by an immigration officer and might be allowed entry into Canada.

Assistance in Educational Credential Program Assessment (ECA)

Q) What is the ECA program?

A) The ECA is a program that helps to assess your eligibility for permanent residency through the federal skilled worker program, federal trade worker program & the Canadian experience class.

Q) How does it work?

A) People who have completed their Express Entry application will take the ECA at an approved organization to determine if their level of education meets the Canadian standards. The higher a candidate scores on the ECA, the more points will be awarded to their application for permanent residency. For more information look here.

Application for Authorization to Return to Canada

Q) Why would I need authorization to return to Canada?

A) You would need authorization to return if you had been previously removed from the country. There are 3 types of removal orders that would require authorization to return to Canada, A departure order, an exclusion order, and a deportation order.

Q) How do I apply?

A) First, take note of why you were removed from the country and then assess your current situation. If nothing has changed to improve your situation you will likely be denied permission to return. If you feel you are in a better position than when you left you can apply here.

Request for Computer Assisted Immigration Processing System (CAIPS)

Q) What is the request for CAIPS?

A) If you have applied to immigrate to Canada you can request a copy of your application form to see how far along your application is and what might happen next. You can request your CAIPS form here.

Comprehensive Immigration Evaluation

Q) What is the comprehensive immigration evaluation?

A) The comprehensive immigration evaluation, or comprehensive ranking system, is a tool to determine your comprehensive ranking score when applying for permanent residency.

Q) How does it work?

A) You will be required to answer a series of questions, found here, that will automatically generate a score for you upon completion.

Settlement Services

Q) What are settlement services?

A) Settlement services are available to new immigrants to help them understand life within Canada, find a job and become situated comfortably. The services are available online and in-person as soon as you are granted immigration to Canada. You can find a list of service providers here.

Application for Search of Immigration Records

Q) What is the application for search of immigration records?

A) The application is intended to help verify citizenship or naturalization information for a valid reason. The search can only be conducted on behalf of yourself or on the behalf of another with written consent from that person. You can find the application here.