Wisanu Krutngoen, Ed.S., PhD.

RCIC (R514503)


Wisanu was born and grew up in Thailand, and moved to USA in 1997. After completion of his master’s degree in USA, he completed the Ed.S as well as the PhD degree from the UK. In the early years of his academic career, Wisanu was heavily involved in education advising and academic program management. He worked with several public and private universities in USA, Canada, Korea, Thailand, and many other countries, in several roles from recruitment to advising, to project management. He also worked for World Trade Center (WTC) office to provide services to US businesses and companies, before moving to South Korea, and then Canada.

Wisanu started his immigration practices in Canada in 2014 and has since been focusing on assisting people to immigrate to Canada in different streams. With his extended network and connection in different industries, he has clients are from all over the world – and his expertise includes Study Permit, Refugees, Humanitarian and Compassionate (H & C), and business investment.




Partners and Associates:

Marian De Vera – De Vera Immigration

RCIC (R510661)


Canada has changed lives including mine. In 2007, I immigrated in Canada through the Live-In Caregiver Program. Being an immigrant myself, I experienced the initial and ongoing challenges that immigrants have commencing from application through to settlement process. Given the complexity of the Canadian immigration system along with the constant change of policies that governs immigration, I developed passion to help people understand and adapt the challenges of the Canadian Immigration policies and regulations. I pride myself with extensive knowledge equipped from Ashton College Vancouver with my profession as a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant. My goal is to make your immigration to Canada a memorable experience gearing towards a brighter future.

Perseverance and determination has launched my career in Canada. My Bachelor Degree in Economics taught me to appreciate the importance of planning for our future. That said, I am determined to share what Canada has offered me. Success is not just luck, it is doing the right thing in the right way with the right immigration firm.